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Can you name the 50 Characters In: The Walking Dead?

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ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Emma BellDays Gone Bye
Andrew LincolnDays Gone Bye
James Allen McCuneBloodletting
Melissa PonzioThe Suicide King
Jeffrey DeMunnDays Gone Bye
Travis LoveWalk With Me
Lew TempleSeed
Madison LintzTell It To The Frogs
Chad L. ColemanMade To Suffer
Michael CudlitzInmates
Michael RookerGuts
Emily KinneyBloodletting
Ross MarquandThem
Irone SingletonGuts
Andrew RothenbergGuts
Lauren CohanBloodletting
Chandler RiggsDays Gone Bye
David MorrisseyWalk With Me
Lennie JamesDays Gone Bye
Kyla Kennedy30 Days Without An Accident
Vincent M. WardSeed
Jane McNeillBloodletting
Melissa McBrideTell It To The Frogs
Jeryl PrescottGuts
Christian SerratosInmates
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Jon BernthalDays Gone Bye
Scott WilsonBloodletting
Laurie HoldenGuts
Tyler James WilliamsSlabtown
Lawrence Gillard Jr.30 Days Without An Accident
Andrew J. WestA
Jose Pablo CantilloWalk With Me
Pruitt Taylor VinceBloodletting
Norman ReedusTell It To The Frogs
Juan Gabriel ParejaGuts
Alexandra BreckenridgeRemember
Alanna MastersonLive Bait
Michael TraynorRemember
Sonequa Martin-GreenMade To Suffer
Josh McDermittInmates
Seth GilliamStrangers
Steven YeunDays Gone Bye
Dallas RobertsWalk With Me
Sarah Wayne CalliesDays Gone Bye
Danai GuriraSeed
Denise CrosbyUs
Corey BrillRemember
Christine WoodsSlabtown
Brighton Sharbino30 Days Without An Accident
Tovah FeldshuhRemember

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