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Can you name some of the Smartest People Of All Time? (Not In Order)

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Year AliveAnswerHints
1942-Black Hole Theory
1898-1944Highest IQ; 300
1749-1832German Writer and Statesman
1954-Smartest African
1867-1934First Woman Nobel Prize Winner
4BC-30ADSacrificed Himself For Us
1879-1955Discovered Theory of Relativity; IQ of 160
1831-1879Formulated The Classical Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation
1643-1727Discovered Gravity/Calculus
1564-1616Influenced English Writings and Poems
1452-1519Greatest Diversely Talented Man
384BC-322BCHad a Theory Galileo Proved Wrong Afterwards
Year AliveAnswerHints
1812-1870A Christmas Carol
1975-Mozart of Maths
???-399BCDiscovered Philosophy
1809-1882Evolution of Man
1822-1895French Chemist
1960-Television Writer
1847-1922Invented Telephone
1982-Original Human/American-Asian
1847-1931America's Greatest Inventor
1962-Civil Engineer and Child Prodigy
1856-1943The Man Stolen From Mankind
UnknownDeveloped a Traingle-Related Theorem
1473-1543Sun Is In The Centre Of The Universe
1976-Chess Grandmaster
1952-Took The Most Difficult IQ Test

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