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Supported Civil Rights Movement Until Assassination
A Man Who Could Do Almost Anything
Evolution of Man
Considered The Greatest Briton
Officially a Saint as of 2016
Discovered Calculus/Gravity
Quantum Theory
Longest Serving President
Invented Printer
Influenced English Writings
Commander of The Third Reich
First Man on The Moon
A Christmas Carol
Leader of Mongol Empire
American Revolutionary War Leader
First Woman Nobel Prize Winner
Invented Plane
Assassinated By John Wilkes Booth
Great Venetian Explorer
Jewish Victim
Greatest Explorer Of All Time
French Philosopher
Part of The Yalta Conference/Considered Evil
Inventor of Light
Invented Philosophy
French Chemist
27 Years In Prison
Formed Islam
'I Have a Dream...'
Ancient Greek King
Ruled Italy During WW2
Discovered Theory of Relativity
World's Greatest Composer
Reason Soviet Union Collasped
The Definition of Peace
Opposed Aristotle Theory
Human Machine/Serbian Scientist

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