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Can you name the X-Men Students who are living on Utopia?

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PowersCodename or Name
Telepathic absorption of skills and knowledge
Electrical absorption, discharge, and superspeed
Rock body, super strength
Biomanipulation, healing, death touch
Metalic body, shape shifter
Sand form
Lizard mutation, camouflage, wall climbing, prehensile tongue
Fairy wings, hallucinagenic dust, teleporting magic powers
Healing factor, heightened senses, retractable claws
Temporary extreme strength and body size
Pyrokinesis, head is always on fire
Astral form with energy projection powers
PowersCodename or Name
Phases to destroy matter
Telepathy, Hive mind
Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognitive visions
Psionic armor
Diamond body
Rock body, super strength
Telepathy, no body
Super strength, old body
Tattoo granted super powers
Super strength in the dark
Phasing, invisiblity, telepathic stealth

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