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Indiana Jones and James Bond fight aliens in the Wild West
Jack Dawson and Bruce Banner investigate a mental hospital
Captain Kirk and Bane both try to win the heart of Elle Woods
Lara Croft and Captain Jack Sparrow meet on a train, but end up being chased by the police and a mobster
John McClane, Osbourne Cox, Queen Elizabeth II, God and Hannibal Lecktor all come out of retirement to battle corrupt agents and assassins
Princess Fiona gets caught up with Ethan Hunt while he's on the run
Anakin Skywalker discovers that he can teleport, so Coach Ken Carter tries to kill him
Po (the panda) forms a rock band of fifth-graders from a prep school
John Nash delivers vengeance in the gladiatorial arena after Johhny Cash betrayed him and murdered his family
Zeus's daughter gets kidnapped, forcing him to travel to Paris in search of her
Eeyore (with some other robots) fights Agent Smith (with some other robots) with the help of Stanley Yelnats
Derek Zoolander must contend with animals and wax models of historical figures (such as Patch Adams) while on night guard duty

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