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SynopsisMovieCast Members
Green Lantern falls into the supercharger of a drag racer, gaining super speed powers
Mark Zuckerberg meets Mia Thermopolis in Brazil, where they have to escape from Boris the Animal
Dewey Finn discovers the truth of his past while battling Sirius Black
Brick Tamland plots to pull off the world's greatest robbery, but Marshall Eriksen and three orphaned girls stand in his way
Starlord discovers his 'special' destiny, and battles Ron Burgundy with the help of Effie Trinket, God and The Missing Link
Elle Woods joins Kyle, House M.D. and Batman in a battle to save the Earth after she is transformed into a giant
Jean Valjean descends into the sewers of London, where he has to stop Gandalf's evil plan with the help of Rose DeWitt Bukater
Derek Zoolander, Vic, Dr. Ross Geller and Niobe escape from New York Central Zoo
SynopsisMovieCast Members
After Hannah Montana is 'kidnapped', Vincent Vega attempts to rescue her. That is, until he discovers that he doesn't actually have superpowers
When Dr. John Watson threatens to bring nightmares to every child, legends spanning from Jack Ryan to Jack Ryan team up to stop him
Captain Jack Sparrow is taken to an Old West town by Henley Reeves, where he assumes the role of Sheriff
Despite being an excellent tap dancer, Frodo Baggins seeks the council of Fender after being exiled by his people
Obi-Wan Kenobi embarks on an adventure into the big city, where he meets Ramon and must save President Skroob from Richard Hoover and Professor Horace Slughorn
Forrest Gump grows jealous after Santa becomes the new favourite
Helena Ravenclaw's wishes to follow her own path in life leads to Nanny McPhee receiving a beastly curse

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