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QUIZ: Name the 4-letter Words in this Super Hero and Tableware Themed Ladder

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Clue4-letter word
💯 Marvel: ____ Man 💯
80's video-game movie thriller
Horse's clip
Tugboat's greeting
Tap shoe insert
Defensive post
🍴 Eating utensil 🍴
Music of the people
11th US President
Statisticians' survey
Tug or influence
Main body of a ship
💯 Marvel: The Incredible ____ 💯
Tom Hiddleston, perhaps
Music genre (Sex Pistols)
Super Bowl kick
____ up, repressed
💯 DC: Clark ____ 💯
Didn't give or sell out
Month before Oct.
Theater audience spot
Drummer keeps it
Clue4-letter word
Chicago attraction
Not fatty
Borrowed cash
'Tender' cut of pork
💯 DC: ____ Lane 💯
Highs and ____
Orchestral accessories
🍴 It holds your soup 🍴
Cook in hot water
Plug away at work
Charge on the road
Ideal for basketball
Fictitious story
🍴 Painted French metalware 🍴
Quality of sound
💯 Marvel: ____ Stark 💯
Like Tim Cratchit
🍴 Silverware prong 🍴
Wine and ____
A soft return in tennis
Floppy computer storage
🍴 A plate for food 🍴

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