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Come to decide that the things that I _____ were in my life just to get high on.
When I sit _____, come get a little known
But I need more than ______ this time
Step from the road to the sea to the ___, and I do believe that we rely on
When I lay it on, come get to ____ it on
All my life to ________.
Hey oh... ______ what I say oh
I got your hey oh, now ______ what I say oh
When will I ____ that I really can't go
To the ____ once more - time to decide on.
Well it's killing me, ____ will I really see, all that I need to look inside.
Come to _______ that I better not leave before I get my chance to ride,
Well it's killing me, what do I really ____ - all that I need to look inside.
[Refrain] The more I see the less I ____
The more I like to let it __ - hey oh, wo-o-o-oah...
Deep beneath the cover of another perfect ______ where it's so white as snow,
Finally divided by a world so ________ and there's nowhere to go;
Inbetween the cover of another perfect wonder and it's so white as ____,
Running through the field where all my ______ will be concealed and there's nowhere to go.
Went to descend to _____ for a friend of the channels that had broken down.
Now you bring it up, I'm gonna ____ it up - just to hear you sing it out. [Pre-Refrain]
[Refrain] [Chorus] I said [heyyy hey yeah, oh yeah, tell my ____ now] [x2]
[Partial-Chorus] I said hey...tell my ____ now. Hey yeah yeah, oh yeah *guitar fade*

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