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Can you name the 4 letter words related to University of Rochester?

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HintWordHint #
◉The University's Library: ____ Rhees◉1
Oxidation of iron2
Smallest member of a litter3
Describes the levels of a word ladder4
'...like it then you should have put a ____ on it'5
◉Blue Cross Arena is home to an ice ____◉6
Sings 'Never gonna give you up' ____ Astley7
◉Find 2 of these outside of Susan B Anthony◉8
Slang, to pawn or spit9
Mark Twain character for short, ____ Finn10
Marvel Comics superhero The ____11
The main body of a ship or boat12
Where sinners go13
Body part on the bottom of feet14
[Hint 12] is structured around this large beam15
Type of Cuckoo bird found in Asia and Australia16
◉President: ____ Seligman◉17
Namath, Manganiello, Biden, Dimaggio...18
HintWordHint #
Plural of no19
Christmas Carol: First ____20
Short fiber left over from combing wool21
◉Hard work that students do◉22
Tariff to use roads23
Past tense of tell24
'I want to ____ your hand'25
Past tense of [hint 25]26
Lewis Carroll: 'Off with her ____'27
Transfer of Thermal Energy28
◉At Douglass, Mondays are know as '____-less'◉29
◉The Medical Emergency Response Team◉30
A place to buy and sell31
Adult female horse32
To feel interest; heal the sick33
◉With clusters there is no ____ curriculum◉34
Bung for your wine bottle35
◉Rochester is in upstate New ____◉36

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