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QUIZ: Can you name the Don't Stop Me Now missing lyrics?

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Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good ____
I feel alive and the _____ it's turning inside out Yeah!
I'm floating around in _______
So don't stop me ___ don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good ____ having a good ____
I'm a shooting star leaping through the ______
Like a _____ defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady _______
I'm gonna __ __ __
There's __ stopping me
I'm burning through the ___ yeah!
___ hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister __________
I'm trav'ling at the speed of _____
I wanna make a __________ (wo)man out of you
Don't stop me ___
I'm having such a ____ time
I'm having a ____
Don't stop me ___
If you _____ have a good time
Just give me a ____
Don't ____ me now ('cause I'm having a good time)
____ stop me now (yes I'm having a good time)
I don't want to stop at ___... yeah!
I'm a rocket ship on my way to ____
On a _________ course
I am a ________ I'm out of control
I am a sex _______ ready to reload
Like an ____ bomb about to
Oh oh oh oh oh _______
[Chorus] Don't stop __ [x3]
___ ___ ___!
Don't stop __ [x2]
Ohh ohh ohh (I ____ it)
Don't stop __ [x2]
Have a good ____, good ____
Don't stop __ [x2] [Guitar Solo/Chorus]

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