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Name the missing words from the show community's quotes and phrases

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Annie's _____
A** Crack ______
The '_____ Principle'
Magnitude: _____ _____!
_____ down for mid-terms
Troy: No _____, Boba Fett
_____ Community College
Starburns: My name is _____
Abed: ____. ____ ____ ____.
Pierce: _____ try, Stephen Fry
Ben: _____ keen, Arvil Lavigne
Journey to the Center of _____
Jeff/Abed: I see your _____ now
Jeff: _____ it on, Ponce de Leon
Abed + Troy: Donde, está, la _____
Britta: Here's the _____, Jessica Biel
Annie: You're on your _____, Al Capone
Troy: Well, what do you _____, Henry David Thoreau
Troy: A camera in the bathroom is better than a _____ in your butt.
Jeff: Abed was being weird. And by that I mean he _____ being weird.
Abed: Just so you know, Jeff, you are now creating six different _____.
Abed: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in a ______ movie
Abed: We were destined to meet like a team of _____ and this is our origin story.
Ben: Good luck passing your exam Winger! At one point I was teaching you _____!
Britta: Knock-knock! Who's there? ______. Oh good, come on in, I thought it was Britta!
Pierce: I was never one to hold _______. That was my father. I'll always hate him for that
Britta: You're monsters! You're Hitlers! You're racist pedophiles! You're the opposites of _____!
Britta: You know what? My prank is going to cause a sea of _____, and I am going to watch you drown in it!
Shirley: There are people who say, 'I don't get it. So it was a _____ fight.' To which I say: ' You weren't there.'
Abed: I can't remember the name of that girl from _____ _____. Mary. Margo. Molly Ringworm. You broke me.
Admiral Slaughter: More importantly, you've stopped giggling at the word '_____'. And that's the mark of a real _____
Dennis: Well boys and girls... I hope you brought your _____ because it's about to get scalding hot in the sun chamber
Jeff: If I'm going to _____, I'm not going to copy information from a book onto a piece of paper. That's practically learning, for God's sake.
I just spent the last two years thinking that you guys knew more than me about life and I just found out that you guys are just as _____ as me

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