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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Sporcle- and swimming- themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
What you're taking right now
Give up
Birthday ____
Long narrow opening
____ Shady (Eminem)
What you do at a pool
Large quick gulp
What clueless teens think they have
Smack (like a fly)
On a plane, you probably want window or aisle
'____ One Your Love' by Stevie Wonder
Substance that usually makes up a beach
Didn't float
Scuba diver's oxygen container
Orange drink mix
Hint4-Letter Word
Gosh darn!
First half of a doorbell noise
Plunge into the pool from a board
The 'L' in SNL
A popular button on Facebook
Michigan or Tahoe, e.g.
Shiny fabric
Video, board, and card ____s all have Sporcle subcategories
Medusa's weapon
Be a couch potato
Zap with an intense beam
____ but not least
Lascivious desire
Sporcle category: ____ For Fun

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