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Can you name the missing Timber (feat Kesha) lyrics?

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*Harmonica* It's going down, I'm yelling ______
You better move, you better _____
Let's make a night you won't _______
I'll be the one you won't ______
______ (timber), _____ (timber), ______ [x2]
The bigger they are, the harder they ____
These big-iddy boys are dig-gidy ____
I have 'em like _____ ______, clothes off
________ in their bras and thongs, timber
Face down, _____ __, timber
That's the way we like to–____?–timber
She say she won't, but I bet she ___, timber
Swing your partner _____ and _____
End of the night, it's going ____
One more ____, another round [Bridge Repeats]
[Hook] Look up in the sky, it's a ____, it's a plane
Nah it's just __, ain't a damn thing changed
Live in _____, swing on planes
_______ to say, money ain't a thing
Club jumping like ______, now Voli
Order me another round, ______
We about to _____. Why? Cause it's about to go down [Bridge+Hook]

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