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Can you name the 3-letter Star Wars Episode VII Characters in this ladder?

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White and orange droid1
UK TV Broadcast group2
Breathalyzer measurement3
Forbid, prohibit4
Given name of [6]5
Vader's grandson: Kylo ___6
Swanson of Parks and Rec7
___ voyage!8
Fall Out ___9
Orbison or Rogers10
'Forceful' Jakku Female11
___ Ya! (OutKast)12
Horses eat it13
Beret or Trilby i.e.14
Not thin15
Long ago ___ ___ away16
The F in FYI17
Jakku retiree ___ San Tekka18
___ blow (cheap shot)19
Haul or pull20
A 'little piggie'21
Golf ball peg22
___-wee Herman23
Top pilot: ___ Dameron24
Soil scraping tool25
Color tint26
First Order General27
Penguin suit28
April 15 levy29
Just a smidgen30
'You ___ your chance'31
Father of [6] ___ Solo32
Omelet cookware33
Writing instrument34
Chaps, informally35
Opposite of max.36
WWE Star: The ___37
Goggle-wearer: ___ Kanata38

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