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QUIZ: Can you name the missing White Walls Lyrics?

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I wanna be ____, I wanna just live
Inside my Cadillac, that is my ____
Now I _____ it up (now _____ that up)
That’s what it __ (that’s what it __)
In my _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ bitch (bitch)
Can’t see me through my _____ (nah ah)
I’m riding real ____ (____ motion)
In my paint wet dripping shining like my __’s (umbrella)
I don't got __’s (na ah)
But I’m on those ______
That’s those big _____ ____, r-round them hundred spokes
Old school like old _______ in that brown paper bag
I’m rolling in that same whip that my ________ had
Hello, ______, damn y’all mad
30k on the Caddy, now how ________ rap is that?
I got that off-black Cadillac, ________ drive
I got that gas pedal _____ back, taking my time
I’m rollin' out, roof off, letting in ___
I shine, the city never looked so _____
Man I’m lounging in some **** ______ ___ would’ve been proud of
Looking down from heaven like damn that’s _______
Smilin’, don’t pay attention to the _______
Can I hit the _______? Illegally going 120
Easy _______ in and out of the traffic
They cannot _____ me, I’m smashing
I’m _______ bucking them out here
I’m looking **** fantastic, I am up in a _____
Now I know what it’s like under the city ______
Riding into the night, driving over the ______
The same one we walked across as ____
Knew I’d have a ___ but never one like this
Old school, old school, _____ paint, two seater
Yea, I’m from ______, there’s hella Honda Civics
I couldn't tell you about _____ either
But I really wanted a ____ so I put in the hours
And roll on over to the _____
And I found the car, junior, there's a bargain(problem) with this ______
Got the keys in and as I was leaving I started __________
[Hook] ________ and dope
White hoes in the backseat snorting ____
She doing ____ after ____ like she’s writing rhymes
I had her inhalin' my love, tryna blow her ____
Cadillac ______, my uncle was on
14 I stole his ____ me and my **** was gone
Stealin' portions of his liquor, water in his _______
Drivin' smiling like I won the **** _______ homes (****' _______ homes)
Tires with the ______ on it and the Vogues, too
_______ and mayonnaise, keeping the buns
All of my ____ hanging out the window
Young as whoosh, **** like we ____
Tryna **** em all, kill the **** _____
See what’s poppin’ at the mall, meet a bad _____
Slap her booty with my _____
You can smoke the pussy, I was tearing down the _____
I’m motherfuckin’ ___...some
Son, swear these eyes tryna ________
Grip the leather steering wheel while I grip the _______
See the ____ stuck up in her eyes
Maybe she like the ____ or did she like the smoke?
Or does she want it ___?
This **** a Coupe de _____ so you’ll never know
So we cool with ****, my **** **** the ______
Got a ______ tinted for showing gangstas in it
Slice off when the gas is ________ [hook]x2

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