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Can you name the Ace Attorney characters by Description?

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Forced Order
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Character DescriptionCharacter
The title character; wears blue
The beloved mentor of #1
#1's assistant & #2's little sister
The often bumbling but lovable detective
Rival and childhood friend to #1; wears cravat
Friend of #1 & #5; Last name is a running gag in the game
Presides over all the cases
Mentor of #5; Killed #5's father
Daughter of #8; carries a whip
Younger cousin of #3 & #2
Character DescriptionCharacter
Father of #5; Murdered by #8
Coffee loving prosecutor/wears a visor
Has 'chords of steel'
Adopted daughter of #1;
Attorney who can see other's emotions
Brother of #7
Assistant of #5; is a thief
German rock star prosecutor
Convicted Prosecutor; has a pet hawk
Brother of #18; Mentor of #13

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