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After Buffy is brought back something is wrong6
Xander announces his engagement and Dawn gets caught 'parking'6
The First shows up3
After a night with Ethan Rayne, Giles wakes up a little…different4
We learn about Buffy's new beau1
Buffy works at Helen's Kitchen3
Riley's back, and he's got a wife now6
The school sex ed homework turns deadly2
We meet Wesley for the first time and Faith makes a life changing decision3
Joyce had sex with my Giles!? On the hood of a police car?! Twice!3
Buffy returns6
Buffy tries to adjust to her return6
A bad boyfriend is to blame, but it's not Oz3
Kendra dies2
Angel dies2
Alcohol makes Buffy knock Parker out…lots4
It devours7
Xander tries his hand at a love spell2
Dawn finds out she's the key5
Filler ep: More potentials turn up, Buffy is still searching for spike. She makes an awesome speech though7
Vlad the Impaler is in Sunnydale5
The watchers council are in Sunnydale with information on Glory5
Willow gets captured and traded for a big ol'box of spiders3
Yeah Buffy, what do we do now?' *smiles*7
Faith refuses to deal with the repurcussions of her actions3
Cassie talks to Willow, Buffy has a chat with a vamp and Dawn cowers from … something7
Spike tries to take Buffy on a 'date' and Dru turns back up5
Pat becomes a zombie demon3
The Trio kill a girl by accident and try to make Buffy think she did it6
Caleb sends Buffy a message through a potential7
Buffy has another apocalypse to deal with and this time Riley's there too4
Vamp Willow makes it to this reality3
There's actually no meat in the burgers. But there is a homicidal demon eating the workers6
Buffy finds out about Giles and Joyce's tryst3
Buffy gets kicked out and Faith becomes the new leader7
We learn about the Scythe which Buffy pulls from the stone at the beginning of this episode7
Faith tries to take Angel's soul3
Anya and Spike drink together, and Xander finds out about Spike and Buffy6
There's a new slayer in town. (and she's kinda hot)3
Tara has a horrible father.6
Halloween demon isn't quite as scary as expected4
Buffy goes out with Principal Wood7
Giles is back in Sunnydale and not impressed with Willow's decision to bring Buffy back6
Spike tells Buffy how he killed his two slayers5
Dawn tries to bring Joyce back5
Buffy learns the origin of the slayer from the Shadow Men7
Witches are to blame, so naturally MOO want to burn teenage girls at the stake3
Xander joins the high school swim team2
Buffy gets hit with an invisibility ray6
Walsh's death is discovered and Riley starts getting withdrawal4
Buffy and Faith fight and it doesn't end well3
The Mayor goes boom3
Willow traps Buffy and Dawn in the earth and Xander talks about a yellow crayon6
Buffy becomes an aristocratic lady and Xander becomes a soldier2
Xander and Anya get married??6
Cassie knows she's going to die, Buffy want's to stop it7
Buffy turns 18 and loses her powers3
A letterman jacket makes RJ irresistible7
Cordy and Buffy participate in Slayerfest3
Impata really likes Xander but she's a little too old for him2
Angel turns bad and Buffy gets all rocket launcher-y2
Buffy goes on a quest and the Buffybot makes her first appearance5
Riley gives Buffy and ultimatum5
The Sadie Hawkins dance causes poltergeisty action2
Malcom is not who he claims to be.Willow likes him though1
Warren is introduced with a special kind of girlfriend called April5
Der Kindestod is only interested in children2
Sunnydale High reopens7
Robin and Giles team up to remove Spike7
Buffy visits a vampire worshipping club and her friend Ford leads her into a trap2
Buffy tries to get a job but The Trio keep messing it up6
An alien demon crash lands and almost kills Buffy's Mum5
Buffy does not like her college roommate4
Willow and Xander cheat on their partners3
Buffy goes on a date with Owen and the Anointed one rises1
Spike's trigger is discovered7
Oz returns and seeing that Willow has moved on can't keep the wolf in check4
Everyone's bad dreams come to life1
Buffy learns that Dawn is not real5
Buffy gets stabbed and believes she is actually in a mental institution6
It's Buffy's birthday and Dawn wishes them stuck inside the house6
It's a MUSICAL episode6
There's an invisible girl and she's not happy1
Buffy tries to get Riley's chip looked at and Spike tries to have his removed5
A native american spirit is awoken and Buffy makes a bear4
Angelus kills Jenny and cruelly displays her body for Giles to find2
Oz reveals he's a werewolf2
Willow casts a spell and everyone thinks Dawn could be a slayer7
Buffy joins with the rest of the scoobies to defeat Adam4
Buffy dies1
Dawn tells us all about her 5
Fraternities suck2
The scoobies dream about a man with cheese slices4
Faith's watcher turns up and she's after a glove3
Willow is scared of seeing her friends again so she unwittingly casts a spell7
Spike arrives in Sunnydale for the first time2
Willow and Tara don't want to get out of bed (and in hindsight they really shouldn't have)6
Anya sends a spider demon after a fraternity of guys7
Buffy's mom gets sick5
Buffy kills the Turok-Han in front of all the potentials 7
Spike seems to be killing again7
Amy becomes human again and Buffy and Spike sleep together for the first time6
A dead football player wants a girlfriend like him2
Buffy is getting married and Giles goes blind4
The scoobies flee sunnydale only to be attacked by the Knights of the Byzantium5
Andrew is really bored 7
Jonathan is stronger than the slayer4
It's Buffy's 17th birthday and she and Angel sleep together2
Memory spells are not to be tampered with Willow!6
Miss French is not your ususal teacher1
Joyce's boyfriend is evil2
This episode will make you cry. The script was nominated for an award5
Ripper's past comes back to haunt him2
Buffy's first day at University doesn't go too well4
The hardest thing in this world is to live in it5
Spike gets to walk in the sun4
Luke becomes the Master's emissary above ground2
Maggie tries to kill Buffy4
Spike wakes up in the underground facility the commando guys took him to4
Willow slowly turns into Warren7
Xander eats a person, and also a pig1
Hell hounds are trained to attack people in formalwear3
Sid is a demon hunter, but he's not very scary1
Xander doesn't deal with an 'evil' twin very well5
Dawn has been captured and Buffy struggles with Dawn's capture5
Xander and Willow are dead, there's a curfew and Giles isn't Buffy's watcher3
Filler ep: Adam tries to isolate Buffy by using Spike4
Xander goes on a ride with 3 dead guys3
Faith wakes up from her coma and seeks revenge.4
Buffy wanders a lonely Sunnydale to be comforted by Spike7
Tara is mistaken for the key, then brainsucked5
Olaf the troll is accidentally summoned5
Warren is dead and Willow has a plan for Jonathan and Andrew6
Willow turns Dark and Warren gets flayed6
The first episode ever aired (excl pilot)1
Kendra first shows up2
Angel is captured to bring Drusilla strength.2
Buffy has nightmares about the Master and returns to Sunnydale2
A mystical energy leaves Riley and Buffy very distracted during a party4
Buffy is Faith and Faith is Buffy4
Oz learns Veruca is a werewolf4
Amy's mom really wants to be a cheerleader and gets trapped in a statue1
Willow's addiction gets worse. Dawn gets in a car crash6

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