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Can you name these facts about the City of Tours (France)?

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In addition to the Cher, which river, which is the longest river entirely in France, flows through the city? 
In which French region is Tours? 
Even if Tours is the most populous city of the region, it is not its capital. Which city is the capital? 
Of which French department is Tours the capital? 
How many hours does it take to go from Paris to Tours with the TGV (high-speed train)? 
What is the name of the inhabitations carved in the tuffeau stone hillside in villages around the city? 
The name of the city comes from a celtic people, the Turones, but what was the Latin name of Tours during the Antiquity? 
Between 1450 and 1550, Tours was a capital of France since the French kings used to live in the city and in what famous buildings nearby? 
During the end of the Middle Age and the Renaissance, Tours was one of the capitals of the silk industry in the country. Which other French city could claim the same title? 
In 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, a delegation to organize the resistance in the provinces was organized in Tours. Which founding figure of the Third Republic left Paris to join it in Tours in a hot-air balloon? 
IN 1920, the Tours Congress gathered all the left-wing politicians. The SFIC was created. Which party, very important during the XXe century, did it become the next year? 
In which year did the French government take refuge in Tours during three days because the Nazis were going to take Paris? 
In the public garden near the Museum of Fine Arts is a stuffed circus animal killed because a bout of madness at the beginning of the XXe century. What kind of animal is it? 
Which square in the Old City is well-known for its medieval half-timbered houses (and its pubs)? 
The oldest bridge of the city is called 'Pont de Pierre'(Stone Bridge) by the inhabitants. However, which American President's name is its official one, in memory of the American military base of Tours during WWI? 
The medieval Saint Martin Basilica was destroyed during the French Revolution. A new one was built. But two towers from the old one remain, one is the Tour de l'Horloge (Clock Tower). What French emperor's name does the second one have? 
What is the architectural style of the Cathedral Saint Gatien? 
The municipal library of Tours is remarkable for its patinated copper pyramidal roof. What is its color? 
Which Renaissance poet who contributed to the development of a literature in French and no more in Latin, ended his life near Tours? 
Which famous 19th century author is born in Tours and wrote several novels taking place in Tours? 
Which Senegalese author and later President of his country was teacher in the Lycée Descartes of Tours before World War II? 
Which 4th century saint, very popular during the Late Antiquity and the Middle Age in Europe, who cut his coat in two pieces to give one to a beggar, was the bishop of Tours? 
Which Hundred Years War leader had her armor made in Tours? 
Which catholic nun, born in Tours, spread catholicism in Québec and founded the first girls' school in America? 
Which potted pork meat is the speciality of Tours (and of Le Mans)? 
From which animal milk is made the Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine cheese? 
Which almond, candied fruit and apricot jam confection is the speciality of Tours (even if less popular than Montelimar's)? 
Even if it starts in Eure-et-Loire now, in which big French city does a famous cycling competition ending in Tours every September use to start? 
The TVB is the only Tours sport club that takes part in an European Championship. What sport are playing its members? 
Tours is the place from which the Modern French comes. The author Alfred de Vigny wrote: 'Their language is the purest French' because it is spoken without any _____. 

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