Just For Fun Quiz / Missing Word: Fantasy Novels Characters (A-Z)

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Can you name the missing words in the names of these fantasy novel characters?

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CharacterMissing WordAuthor
A_________ UndomielJ.R.R. Tolkien
B_________ ErchamionJ.R.R. Tolkien
C_________ the BarbarianRobert E. Howard
D_________ KirkeC. S. Lewis
E_________ of MelniboneMichael Moorcock
F_________ FarseerRobin Hobb
Roland Deschain of G_________ Stephen King
H_________ TurvyTerry Pratchett
I_________ of RimmersgardTad Williams
J_________ LowellGuy Gavriel Kay
K_________ AmnellTerry Goodkind
L_________ BelacquaPhilip Pullman
Draco M________ J.K. Rowling
CharacterMissing WordAuthor
Gilbert N_________Susanna Clarke
O_________ EmbarUrsula Le Guin
Ganoes P_________Steven Erikson
Q_________ MartellG.R.R. Martin
R_________ al'ThorRobert Jordan
S_________ DarigeGreg Keyes
T_________ MegarsonRaymond E. Feist
U_________ PendragonM. Zimmer Bradley
V_________ BayleRoger Zelazny
W_________ VestritRobin Hobb
X_________ (Belgariad's dryad)David Eddings
Y_________ (a wildling)G.R.R. Martin
Z_________ NightshadeRick Riordan

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