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Can you find the missing 'c' word in these ASOIAF names?

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NameMissing WordClue
_________ LannisterThe Queen
_________ TullyLady Stoneheart
_________ FreyGenna's son
Septon _________In Winterfell
_________ PenroseIn Storm's End
Sandor _________The Hound
_________ SuggsIn Stannis' host
_________ EstermontStannis' mother
Emmon _________Rainbow guard
Septon _________In Castle Black
_________ LongboughMeets Brienne
_________ StarkThe Old Man of the North
_________ CerwynStarks' friend
NameMissing WordClue
Bryce _________Lord of Nightsong
Jory _________Northern guard
Dick _________Nimble
_________ daughter of CheykBlack Ears
Maester _________In the Vale
Lyle _________The Boar
_________ ColeThe Kingmaker
Jon _________Griff
Maester _________In Sunspear
_________ SmallwoodRavella's daughter
Maester _________In Dragonstone
_________ VelaryonThe Sea Snake
_________ PykeIn Eastwatch-by-the-sea

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