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Can you find the missing 'B' word in these ASOIAF names?

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NameMissing WordClue
Tytos _________Lord of Raventree Hall
_________ the BardBlue Rose
_________ MarshThe Pomegranate
Tristifer _________Loves Asha
_________ SelmyThe Bold
_________ OtherysThe Black Pearl
Jonos _________Lord of Stone Hedge
Lothor _________In the Vale
_________ DondarrionSept times dead
_________ GreyjoyKraken King
_________ RyswellSpeaks to Theon in Winterfell
Roose _________The Leech Lord
_________ the DragonThe Black Dread
NameMissing WordClue
Stannis _________The One True King
_________ TarthBeauty
Alysanne _________Friend of Margaery
Boros _________Kingsguard
Brown _________ PlummSecond Sons
Balman _________Falyse's husband
_________ of the BlackwaterLollys' husband
_________ StarkRobb, Jon and Sansa's uncle
Strong _________Eats Locusts
Godric _________Sweetsister
_________ StarkThe Winged Wolf
_________ TargaryenThe Blessed
Petyr _________Littlefinger

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