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Can you find the missing 'A' word in these ASOIAF names?

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NameMissing WordClue
_________ GreyjoyDamphair
_________ FreyGatehouse
_________ the BardMance's disguise
_________ MormontThe She-Bear
_________ TargaryenThe Conqueror
_________ YronwoodAlmost Quentyn's father
_________ DayneThe Sword of the Morning
_________ the SphinxProbably Sarella
_________ ThorneCastle Black Master of Arms
_________ MartellDornish Heiress
_________ DaynePurple eyes
_________ TargaryenThe Mad King
_________ SantagarKing's Landing Master of Arms
NameMissing WordClue
_________ StarkWeasel, Beth, Cat, Salty
Maester _________Dany's great-great-uncle
_________ KarstarkA girl on a horse
_________ FlorentBurnt Stannis' Hand
_________ YronwoodThe Big Man
_________ HotahLongaxe
_________ HightowerMargaery's mother
_________ GreyjoyKraken Daughter
_________ WatersSilver-haired bastard
_________ KarstarkRickard's uncle
Robert _________Sweet Robin
_________ HarlawTheon's mother
_________ TyrellMargaery's cousin

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