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Can you find the the words that are related to both 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and Christmas?

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ChristmasCommon WordASOIAF
What Santa Claus brings to youLand the Night's Watch got from one Brandon Stark
What the Magi followIn Westeros, one has the name of a Rhoynar and Dornish queen
Color of the Christmas treeWith gold on the Tyrells' coat of arms
Holy VirginLady Mertins
They comes to adore JesusOne house in the Iron Islands
What a Mage bringsColor of the Lannister Lion
8 ____ a-MilkingSansa, Meera and Brienne for example
9 ____ dancingCatelyn, Cersei and Alerie for example
10 ____ a-LeapingJeor, Eddard and Mace for example
7 ____ a-SwimmingThe Kingsguard Balon
4 Calling ____Petyr Baelish's mocking____
Animal in the CrècheSepton Meribald's animal
There was no place for Mary and Joseph in an ____Crossroads ____
Season of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere____ is coming
Traditional weather for ChristmasJon ____
They ring for ChristmasThe battle of the ____ during Robert's rebellion
Traditionnal animal in a crècheOn the Stokeworths' coat of arms
We Wish You a ____ ChristmasMeredith '____' Crane
O Holy ____ With the Others comes the Long ____
____ ChristmasOne of the Seven Gods

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