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Can you transform a Ned's Bastard into a Robert's Bastard through this three letters word ladder?

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• Ned's Bastard •
Piece of work
Could have been Robert Baratheon's nickname
• House Clegane's sigil •
Make an excavation in the ground
Not thin
Put your teeth in
Harrenhal family's sigil
• Lady Stark-Tully's nickname •
Be able to
_____ Francisco, California
• _________ 'Slayer' Tarly •
Rapid escape
• Has a yellow cloak •
Leave unchanged
Have faith in
• Brown _________ Plumm •
It prohibits
Not good
The place where you sleep
• Looses his head in AGOT •
Sign of assent with the head
• Follows Brienne •
Burst with a loud sound
• Friend of Grenn •
Receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept
Greek goddess of night
• Second Sandsnake •
Precious stone
Informal term for information
Strong alcohol
Violate a law of God or a moral law
Tyrion is Tywin's
Contrary of 'Yes' in French
• Old woman in Winterfell •
Used to get fried food
Robert Baratheon was Ned's
• Wildling Princess •
Truck with an enclosed cargo space
Get a yellowish-brown skin
Unit of weight
• _________ of Sevenstreams •
Cersei is Joffrey's
Mellario is Arianne's
Ground after the rain
That occupies a central position
Russian Space Station
Free city of Taena and Thoros
• Robert's Bastard •

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