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Can you transform a Stark girl into a wildling woman from 'A Song of Ice and Fire' through this four letters word ladder?

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Stark Girl
Loves his longaxe
River in Florence
Sister of the 'Kalevala' hero
Floor covering
Color of the Boltons' Sigil
Sporcle daily dose: Quick _________
Pustule in an eruptive disease
Never eaten by Muslims and Jews
Friend of the knife and the spoon
Defensive structure
-ing blitz on Sporcle
Service tree
Weeping minus the -ing
Stark King
Ecclesiastical clothe
Part of the ear
Substance which reduce frictions
Six equal squares as faces
Castro's island
Brass instrument
Underground in London
Between May and July
Almost Poole or Westerling
Which cause misery
Financial institution
The noise Crunch makes
Farm building
Radiating stick of a fan
On Hodor's back
Bart Simpson for example
Social club in a university
Carve a pattern into
Numerous Walders
Hunted animal
Adress to a deity
'Hamlet' or 'The Tempest'
Plot of land
Machine for gambling
Small plum
African plant
Affirm solemnly and formally as true
Stratford upon ...
Egyptian god
End of a prayer
American Stock Exchange
Highest point
Long times
American novelist: James _________
Water in Portuguese
City of the Taj Mahal
Old fortified compound in Jerusalem
4840 square yards
Causing a dull and steady pain
Light grey color
Greyjoy Girl
Wildling Woman

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