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Can you name the characters, places or books asked in each of these categories?

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7 at the Tower of Joy
against 3 at the Tower of Joy
7 Gods in the main religion of the Kingdom
against 3 other main religions in Westeros
7 islands in the Iron Islands
against 3 Sisters
7 alive princesses during the saga
against 3 known dead princesses of Dorne
7 husbands/lovers/suitors of Daenerys
against 3 Margaery's husbands
7 sons of Davos Seaworth
against 3 sons of Catelyn Stark
7 sisters of Obara Sand
against the 3 sisters of Baelor I Targaryen
7 books in 'A song of ice and fire'
against 3 published 'Dunk and Egg' short stories
7 kings before the Targaryens' conquest
against the first 3 Targaryens
7 kingsguards at the beginning of AGOT
against 3 brothers Kettleblacks

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