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QUIZ: Can you name the most given baby names in 2014 who are also names of characters from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

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Spellings combined. Names with a change of one letter or two which are derived from a used name are also in this quiz.
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Given toNameClue
16,268Stone (F)
15,619Glover (M)
15,323Mertyns (M)
15,293Frey (M)
14,369Blackwood (M)
12,329Dalt (M)
10,974Snow (M)
10,859Tarly M)
9,365Frey (M)
8,950Velaryon (M)
8,685Bulwer (M)
7,844Stark (F)
7,649Santagar (M)
6,572Baratheon (M)
6,296Mallister (M)
5,859Lannister (M)
5,804Stark (M)
5,293Marbrand (M)
5,137Frey (M)
5,123Seaworth (F)
4,177Arryn (F)
4,060Tully (F)
4,050Prostitute (F)
3,991Massey (M)
3,936Tyrell (M)
Given toNameClue
3,872Martell (M)
3,704Tyrell (F)
3,612No family name (M)
3,212Targaryen (F)
3,204Swyft (F)
3,042Karstark (F)
2,877Wildling (F)
2,857Karstark (M)
2,777Florent (M)
2,705Greenfield (M)
2,658Mallister (M)
2,623Night's Watch (M)
2,567Stark (M)
2,373Wildling (F)
2,161Piper (M)
1,899Baelish (M)
1,655Toyne (M)
1,574Lannister (F)
1,421Lannister (M)
1,386Frey (M)
1,368Baratheon (M)
1,344The Frog (F)
1,223Lannister (F)
1,179Frey (M)
1,138Dayne (M)

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