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QUIZ: Can you name the Maze Runner Trivia?

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What did Teresa write on her arm?
Who was Thomas' first friend in the Glade?
What position did Minho nominate Thomas for?
What was Ben's sentence?
How often is a new boy brought up in the box?
True or False. Chuck was apart of the original gladers.
What is the Glade's #1 rule?
What did Teresa trigger?
Who was Thomas named after?
Who was Newt named after?
Who is the first character to go through the changing in 'The Maze Runner'?
Which two characters helped create the maze?
Who kills Chuck?
What disease has the world been infected with?
How long was Thomas in jail?
How long were the first gladers there?
How do the gladers escape the maze?
Who set the maps on fire?
Who got stung by a Griever on purpose?
What does WICKED stand for?

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