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Can you name the answers to these How I Met Your Mother questions? (SPOILERS)

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In the episode 'Say Cheese' in the 'Name that B***h' game, what does Ted think Leilani's name is? A. Amanda B. Sarah C. Brittany D. Emily
Which of these actresses did NOT guest star on the show? A. Carrie Underwood B. Lucy Hale C. Jennifer Morrison D. Kate Hudson
Which band sings the show's opening credit song? A. The Solids B. The Rembrandts C. The Who D. The Barenaked Ladies
What is Lily and Marshall's daughter's name? A. Rose B. Daisy C. Laurel D. Violet
What was the name of Marshall's pet iguana? A. Jerome B. Jebidiah C. Jonah D. Jakey
When Barney tries to pick up a girl while pretending to be an old man, how old does he say he is? A. 63 B. 73 C. 83 D. 93
When asked about what he does for a living, what is always Barney's response? A. Nothing, he just laughs B. 'Not important' C. 'Eh' D. 'Please'
According to Marshall's dad, what fruit is a 'baby girl fertilizer'? A. Lemons B. Oranges C. Grapefruit D. Pears
The episode titled 'Jenkins' (S5E13) was directed by which main cast member? A. Alyson Hannigan B. Josh Radnor C. Neil Patrick Harris D. Jason Segel
Which of these things does Ranjit NOT have? A. Wife B. Driver's License C. Green Card D. Liver
What is the name of Wendy (the waitress)'s husband? A. Jenkins B. Meeker C. Carter D. Thomas
Which character nearly kissed herself? A. Stella B. Lily C. Victoria D. Robin
How many children does Wendy the waitress end up having? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. none
Which of these characters does NOT have a sister? A. Ted B. Barney C. Robin D. Lily
Alyson Hannigan (Lily)'s real-life husband guest starred as what role? A. Sandy Rivers B. Arthur Hobbs C. The Captain D. Scooter
What is Lily's birthday? A. February 1 B. March 22 C. August 14 D. October 30
Chronologically, who meets the mother first? A. Lily B. Robin C. Marshall D. Barney
What is the slutty pumpkin's real name? A. Kathryn B. Jane C. Megan D. Naomi
Which of these languages can Ted NOT speak, but is just fine in the others? A. Spanish B. Italian C. American Sign Language D. French
How many weeks into dating the mother was Ted's official last cigarette ever? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four
In the episode 'Tick Tick Tick' in which Ted, Marshall, and Lily attend a concert, what food do Ted and Marshall try to find? A. Pizza B. Popcorn C. Nachos D. Beef Jerky

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