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5 member group debuted in 1996
Reply 1997 
3 member group using their innitials as their group name
one of them have a cute twin daughters 
first solo female artist
beat of an angel 
official performance occurred on April 29, 2005, in China
now a sub group 
5 members with debut song Hug
the 3 leaves and formed a new group 
13 members debuted with the song Twins
always 13elieve to the Prom15e 
9 members with a super long legs
now 8 members for Jessica left 
one of the member is often thought as Guy
Sulli is hiatus 
5 boys with a shinning charm
debuted with a song 'reply' 
a korean sub group with one of the member is in relationship with a sunbae
they are still 6 
a chinese sub group now only 4 members
Kris and Luhan Left 
solo female Chinese singer
Tao and Victoria was paired in her latest songs 
only 'band' in SM
2 members only 
4 rookie group in SM debuted in 2014
have ameriacan half chinese, often thought as a guy
has been kicked out from her group
in relationship with a rookie actress and rumored to get married this december
only a rumored guys 
the richest and good looking member of Super Junior
please buy SM Now 
former members now formed a new group
Always keep the faith 
the short tempered member of Shinee
he is Taemin's best friend
he is relationship his Sunbae and Noona
used to be member of Super junior but filed a suit against the agency
he is now at the army and he is the main vocal of his group
his father and grandparents are dead in 2014
left his group just before their concert
followed after Kris departure
he gets his high notes through his cheeks
his hobbie is playing golf
fanboying over Lee SooMan

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