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Can you name the A-Z of Jacqueline Wilson?

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What Em breaks (Clean break)A
Dixie's dad's friend who helps them settle in their new house (The diamond girls)B
What Ella's mum is in (The longest whale song)C
One of Marigold's daughters (The illustrated mum)D
Mrs ___ is the headmistress at Mandy's school (Bad girls)E
What Sadie's mum has (The mum minder)F
What Vicky is. (Vicky angel!)G
What Floss' dad's name is according to the sign outside his cafe (Candyfloss)H
Hetty's long lost mum (Hetty Feather)I
Lola Rose's actual name before she changed it (Lola Rose)J
What Tracy want's to win on Swap Shop (Tracy Beaker's thumping heart)K
Daisy's disabled Sister (Sleepovers)L
The school that Jodie and Pearl end up in (My Sister Jodie)M
Where Tracy hits on Justine so it goes all bloody (Starring Tracy Beaker)N
Ruby and Garnet's mother that died (Double Act)O
Elsa's half sister (the bed and breakfast star)P
On the throne when Hetty Feather is alive (Hetty Feather)Q
Andrea's toy rabbit (The Suitcase Kid)R
Where Lily's mum goes (Lily alone)S
The animal that Rebecca meets (Glubbslyme)T
India's sirname (Secrets)U
The topic that Charlie is studying (The Lottie Project)V
Destiny's surname (Little Darlings)W
What Alexander has after falling out of a tree (The Dare Game)X
Out of all her sisters, Dixie is the __________ (The diamond girls)Y
Lizzie __________Z

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