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What Democratic president served during the First World War?
What was Henry Ford's famous car?
Name the 3 Republican Presidents in the 1920s
The term describing the Republican's attitude to Government intervention?
What year was prohibition introduced nationwide?
What famous gangster profited from prohibition?
What KKK leader was accused of rape and second degree murder?
What animal was used to describe Wall Street?
What was the fear of communism called?
What year did women get the vote in America?
What appalling tariff restricted international trade in 1930?
What did Hoover rely on to solve the Depression in the early stages of his term?
FDR was Governor of which state?
Roosevelt used the radio to reach out to the public, what were these 'chats' called?
Who said that capitalism had been saved after Roosevelt 'dealt with' the banking crisis?
What month and year was the Agricultural Adjustment Act introduced in?
Which alphabet agency (the abbreviation) introduced over 500 codes to protect workers?
What animal was slaughtered on a vast scale (6 million) in order to 'solve' overproduction?
Who was the first lady and who later became US ambassador to the UN?
What percentage of African American families were on relief in 1935?
What year was the Anti-Lynching Bill introduced?
Name one agency that the Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional?
In the 1936, what Communist Party candidate received only 79,000 votes?
Which left wing critic of Roosevelt was assassinated in 1935 when serving in the Senate?
What attack forced America into World War Two?
When was the attack on Pearl Harbor (month and year)?
When was the Lend-Lease programme extended to Russia?
What was the deal between Roosevelt and Churchill?
Did unemployment increase or decrease as a result of the Second World War?
What order outlawed racial discrimination in the army?
What year did the Soviets test the atom bomb?
When was the start of the Korean War?
Who led the Communist takeover in China?
Which General led USA in the Korean War?
Which famous actor was deported during the Anti-Communism period?
What senator reveled in the Anti-Communist raids?

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