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Can you name the things about Kevin Malone from 'The Office'?

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How did Angela lure Kevin into her Christmas party instead of Pam and Karen's?
What is Kevin's job title?
What does Kevin win gold in at the Office Olympics?
Who does Kevin announce is missing at Phyllis' wedding?
What does Kevin offer for biding at C.R.I.M.E A.I.D?
What is Kevin's favorite thing to do?
Who thinks that Kevin is mentally retarded?
Who does Kevin get for secret Santa?
What actress does Kevin think is NOT hot?
Why do they call Kevin and Oscar's game 'Hate Ball?'
What instrument does Kevin play for his band?
What did Kevin call the time off given to Oscar after Michael forced him to admit he was gay?
What gift should he have stolen during Yankee Swap?
What was the name of Kevin's fiance that dumped him?
His band is a cover band of what popular group?
What Dundie Award does Kevin win?
What is Kevin's favorite movie?
What is the name of Kevin's first band?
Michael accuses Kevin of making fun of Phyllis when it was really this person that said it, and Kevin only pointed.
What part of being the receptionist does Kevin have trouble with?

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