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HintsAnswersExtra Head.. Hue Hue
Did I punch a pregnant lady in a stomachI wonder...
First card I obtain in Yu-Gi-OhDUEL ME BRUH
When was my last trick or treat?**** clowns
What gave me the scar on my left hand?Should of cut that bitch in half
Favorite sex spotDafuq kinda question is this?
Who attacked my chocolate nipples? DO NOT TOUCH
Besides me who was the first dick I saw...Even though I wasn't shook than.. I AM NOW!
How old was I when my dad left?Grocery store my ass
First game that broke at you house..Man, **** YOUR HOUSE AND YOU
Who did I dare to smash me through a table?SPAGHETTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
First console video gameCHECK THESE SKILLZ M8
What grade was I in when I got my first IPhone?With these upgrades you never stood a chance.
What was the K/D or W/L score I aim for sometimes, just so I can sing itYou gave me no choice.
What were my final words when you commit suicide off a building? (In Legos)You won't no balls
Who's the BUM that missed an OPEN THREE to secure us the game against the KNICKS?That's why his ass got injured

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