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Forced Order
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In my phantom lord days maybe i would have given up already but unfortunately imma fairy tail wizard now even if you beat me up my heart wont break that easily.
Fear is not evil it tells you what your weakness is and once you know your weakness you can become stronger as well as kinder.
You dont die for your friends you live for them.
The generations changed the span of 7 years allowed us to grow into true dragon slayers the time of the old generation has ended.
All living things eventually die but as long as you remember it will live on in your heart forever.
Everyone exists for a reason as small as it can be im sure you have a meaning to.
There's nothing fortunate about having your fate decided for you, you have to grab your own happiness.
Natsu's voice gave me courage not the courage to fight but the courage to protect my friends.
We aren't like those dolls you manipulate love makes us spirits stronger.
I was always trying to make myself seem strong so i locked myself in a suit of armor and cried.
Those who break the rules shall be subjected to a fate worse than death.
The fact that im standing here means im also prepared to fight on behalf of my guild i dont need your pity
Do fairy's have tails? More than that do fairy's even exist? Nobody knows for sure so this guild is like them an eternal mystery and eternal adventure.
Shut your mouth losers have no say at least have the decency to obey your own rules.
From the start we never had plans of doing this fair and square now we are going to take you down.
It doesn't matter if your a woman or a child i don't go easy on anyone who hurts my comrades.
When people realize how lonely it is being on their own they will become kind.
Its your words that gave me courage it became my light that would guide me to the right path again.
The exam split us apart and we prioritized ourselfs over our allies but we cant stay like that now the enemy is a great one therefore fairy tail must combine our strength and win.
Even if i cant see you no matter how far away you may be i will always be watching you.
It doesn't matter if i become an S class mage anymore and it doesn't matter if i cant tell my father how i feel i dont care about that i just want to protect my friends.
I can petrify the mouths of those who insult fairy tail you know.
***** lives for the ones she loves if you have love in your life then you have to keep on living.
Dont give up and throw yourself into darkness instead try your best to keep moving,keep believing dont give up on your search for the light you have yet to seek.
I never rely on luck its my own choice it leads me to the future.
There are walls that cant be broken through power alone but their is a power that can break through those walls its the power of feelings.
If your a guild take care of your friends that's all i have to say.
When life changes to be harder change your self to be stronger.

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