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QUIZ: Guess the Fairy Tail guild members by their magic

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Dark ecriture
Solid script magic
Guns magic, the gunner
Seith magic
Requip magic
Celestial wizard
Takeover magic-beast soul
Rainbow fire magic
Card magic
Area magic, Precognition
Wood-make magic
Lighting dragon slayer
Iron dragon slayer
Ice-make magic
High speed magic
Area magic, Transformation
Fire dragon slayer
Rainbow fire magic
Picto magic
Telepathy magic
Takeover magic-animal soul
Illusion magic, Fairy glitter
Area magic
Magic staves
Fairy Law
Ring magic
Plant magic
Water magic, element 4
Stone eyes
Guns magic
Smoke magic
Wind dragon slayer
Memory control magic
Crash magic
Takeover magic-satan soul
Sand magic

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