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Number of British divisions present at the Somme offensive,A slight majority.
Number of French divisions present at the Somme.People tend to think of the Somme as a British offensive, but there was a considerable French presence.
Number of entente guns present at the Somme offensive.One for every seventeen miles of trench.
Number of shells rained down at the Somme in the first week.Very few were actually effective at breaking down German trenches, thus the British assumptions about artillery were proven wrong.
Name for a type of shell sensitive enough to explode upon hitting a single strand of wire.Not invented until later in the war, first employed at Arras.
Average depth of German trenches/bunkers.In feet, because Metric is for losers and Canadians.
Number of British casualties on the first day of the Somme.More than 3 times the combined Austrian-Russian casualties at the battle of Austerlitz.
Number of British deaths on the first day of the Somme.Recall the difference between deaths and casualties. Deaths are simply deaths, casualties include deaths, POWs, and injured.
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British commander at the Somme.A gentleman, a scholar, and an utterly incompetent commander.
Number of separate attacks a part of the Somme offensive.What actually happened differed significantly from Joffre's plan for more coordinated attacks.
Number of British casualties resulting from the subsequent ten days of the Somme offensive. After the first day, somehow fewer.
German strategy used at the Somme.Official military strategy term. Specific word.
Entente powers used this weapon for the first time at the Somme.Ineffectively though, Cambrai was their first real mobilization.
Number of km advanced by the entente using the aforementioned weapon.Sorry about what I said about metric. The resource spontaneously switched over now so uh... I welcome our new Canadian overlords I guess.
Number of French casualties at the Somme.Fewer than the British, but still significantly more than the Germans.
Total British casualties at the Somme.150,000 of whom were deaths and 100,000 injured.

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