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This technique employed by the Germans allowed for significant breakthroughs into the allied lines.Invented by brilliant commander Oksar von Hutier. Often used in combination with the Bruchm├╝ller barrage.
These gases were employed by the Germans against the Entente during the offensive. (1)Also known as Lachrymator, non-lethal, but highly painful.
These gases were employed by the Germans against the Entente during the offensive. (2)COCl2, colorless and highly toxic. Fatal.
The greatest extent of German territorial gains during Operation Michael.In miles.
The number of British casualties on the first day of fighting.More than the total casualties at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. Fo in YNS.
German commander for Operation Michael. (1)Capable commander, extremely skilled at synthesizing the ideas of others but poor as a strategist.
German commander for Operation Michael. (2)Ran against Hitler at the age of 80, won too.
HintAnswerFun Fact
The number of offensives within Operation Michael.Met with varying levels of success, tactically efficient but strategically created a salient that boxed the Germans in.
Operation Michael brought the Germans 56 miles from this French City.The Germans hadn't been this close to absolute victory since The Marne.
The name of the long-range artillery gun used by the Germans. (2 acceptable)Either name would be acceptable, though the latter is probably more correct.
The Germans suffered this many casualties during Operation Michael.More than the British Casualties at the Somme. 'Ku' in YNS.
The Germans retreated to this powerfully-defended line of trenches after Operation Michael's failure.Behind 100 yards of barbed wire, decked out with bunkers and telephone poles. Crazy trench system, probably one of the most efficient of all time.
Over 2,000 German soldiers suffered from this disease.Caused a revolution in science from people trying to figure out how to cure it.
The amount of American troops arriving per month during the Michael Offensive.A significant amount. 'B Go' in YNS.

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