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Number of extant nation-states in the year 1900.By 2000: 192, even more now.
Founder of the Société Nationale de Musique.Founded in an attempt to rebuild national pride after the Franco-Prussian War.
The Société Nationale de Musique was the precursor to this group of six French composers.It's actually super easy. Like you don't even need a hint.
German composer generally associated in France with the 'Germanic' style.Composer of the famous 'Ride of the Valkyries'.
English Folk Music Institution (1)Created to distribute the works of Henry Purcell, famous British composer.
English Folk Music Institution (2)Ridiculously long name. My sincere apologies.
English Folk Music Institution (3)Founded by William Chappell.
English Renaissance composers given new attention at the turn of the century. (1)Wrote sacred music for the Anglican church.
English Renaissance composers given new attention at the turn of the century. (2)Apparently the leading composer of music for his day, though we've never heard of him.
English Renaissance composers given new attention at the turn of the century. (3)Another composer of sacred music, might spell his name with a 'y'.
English Renaissance composers given new attention at the turn of the century. (4)Primarily an organist, played at a lot of church functions evidently.
English Renaissance composers given new attention at the turn of the century. (5)He was baptized on March 7. Wikipedia wanted you to know.
Piece by Ralph Vaugha Williams honoring one of the above composers.Number 3, specifically.
Piece by Gustav Holst showcasing the geographic features of England.Noted by Holst to be 'his first real success'.
Composer of Finlandia.He was for this son awarded a state stipend that paid him for the rest of his days.
Composer of 'Ibéria'.Evidently a good deal of music glorifying Spain was written by Frenchmen.
Composer of 'Rapsodie Espagnole'.Later, more famously, would compose 'Bolero'.
HintAnswerExtra Info
Composer of 'Nights in the Garden of Spain'.A truly Spanish example of Spanish nationalism.
Composer of 'Iberia'.Note the lack of an accent mark. It it important. Like the difference between 'in our time' and 'In Our Time'.
Composer of 'Goyescas'.Dedicated to Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
American composer drawn to experimental ideas.Now widely considered America's first 'great' composer.
Piece by the above mentioned composer subtitled 'Concord Mass., 1840-60'.Named each of its movements after Transcendentalist writers.
Most well known proponent of Russian national music.Especially evidenced in his 'Rite of Spring'.
Recordings that documented the folk music of various ethnic groups.First came around with the advent of recorded song, vital to modern ethnomusicology.
Native country of Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók.Worked in collaboration to collect music from here.
Summary of Kodály and Bartók's work published in 1924.A followup on an earlier edition featuring only 20 songs,
Ultimate song count in the aforementioned summary.A LOT.
Number of layers of folksong quotation in Bartók's work, accoridng to scholar Benjamin Suchoff.They are: use of genuine folk material with invented material of secondary importance/folk tune and inventedn material being of equal importance/folk tunes presented as musical 'mottos' with invented material of greater significance/composition based on themes which immitate real folk tunes/neither folk tune nor immitation of used, but rather captures the 'spirit' of folk music.
The layer employed by Bartók's 'Romanian Christmas Carols'.Number them in the order I typed them.
Romanian word for 'carols'.Used extensively in Bartók's 'Romanian Christmas Carols'.
Instrument for which 'Romanian Christmas Carols' is composed.Fairly traditional choice.
Term describing the music in 'Romanian Christmas Carols,' means that they use scales that predate the common-practice tonality system.i.s. Ionian, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian
Term describing accompaniment made to sound like a bapipe.Apparently bagpipes are a popular folk instrument in Romania.
Pitch used by Bartók to achieve the aforementioned type of accompaniment.Plays this pitch for more than four measures.

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