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Duchamp mastered this game later in life.Originated in India, originally called chaturaá¹…ga, featured infantry, cavalry, and elephants as pieces.
Duchamp was born in this region of France.America would invade this region during the Second World War in a massive amphibious assault that has come to be known as D-Day.
Duchamp's grandmother practiced this artform. (1)Oldest known example of this artform can be found in the Chauvet Caves in France.
Duchamp's grandmother practiced this artform. (2)Employed by the Japanese master Hokusai for most of his masterpieces.
This relative of Duchamp's was also an artist. (1)Employed the cubist style, his work looks an awful lot like life viewed through stained glass, and incidentally he designed a lot of stained glass later in life. Check out 'Girl At The Piano' by him.
This relative of Duchamp's was also an artist. (2)Sculptor mostly, pretty abstract. Check out his 'Two Views Of The Large Horse'.
This relative of Duchamp's was also an artist. (3)Like Duchamp, went the Dada route.
Duchamp's first paintings were composed in this style.This school is named after a famous Monet Painting, featuring a seascape and sunset.
Duchamp enrolled at this school from 1904-1905.Also attended by famous Fauvist artist Matisse, before he transferred to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
Duchamp's early artwork was heavily influenced by this style.Founded by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Probably the most important artistic development of the 20th century.
Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase No . 2' was rejected by this Salon.Juried, evidently, by a group of cubists. Never fun to be around. High-analytic too. Ew.
Where did Duchamp show 'Nude Descending A Staircase, No. 2' eventually?One of the most important exhibitions in the history of modern art, introduced the avant-garde schools of Europe to America.
This was Duchamp's first ready-made.The original of this art work, like many of Duchamp's works, has been lost or destroyed.
HintAnswerFun Fact
Duchamp used these two items to create his aforementioned ready-made.Kinda what it says on the tin. Looks pretty cool.
Why was Duchamp prevented from enlisting in WWI?I couldn't fine any sources that say specifically what he suffered from, so just general terms will do.
Where did Duchamp move after the outbreak of WWI?Nasir Jones, better known as 'Nas' would cement his reputation as one of the greatest hip-hop artists alive with his song describing this city, kicking off his legendary album 'Illmatic'.
Duchamp befriended these artists in the New York Dada Movement (1).Drew some very odd, very disturbing paintings that really capture the meaningless horror that Dada was going for. Probably the master of the style. Check out 'A Night at Saint Jean-de- Luz,' probably his masterpiece. Also, his 'The Misunderstood' looks like a Pikmin.
Duchamp befriended these artists in the New York Dada Movement (2)Heavily influenced by the Cubist style, as it dominates most of his early works. Later works such as 'Hera,' begin to show a unique style of his own.
Duchamp earned this title near the end of his life.The current best holder of this title is Magnus Carlsen from Norway.
Duchamp's Fountain has this scrawled on the side.Duchamp's 'pen name' of sorts for his artistic endeavors.
Who took the famous photograph of The Fountain before it was destroyed?Massively influential photographer and art-collector, instrumental in bringing modern art to America, married to Georgia O'Keefe.
Duchamp submitted his 'Fountain' for display at an exhibition hosted by this group.Duchamp was actually a part of the board for this society, but actually quit after 'Fountain' was rejected.
Duchamp published his thoughts on the rejection of 'Fountain' in this Dadaist journal.Founded in 1917, saw only two publications, but because of Duchamp, massively influential.
Duchamp published his thoughts on the rejection of 'Fountain' in this volume of the aforementioned magazine.Famous issue due to Duchamp's article 'The Richard Mutt Case'.
Duchamp painted the name of the work on a snowshovel for this piece.One of his series of Ready-Mades. Nice shovel.

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