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Organized the Ballets Russes from 1909-1910.Apparently he was really terrified of water, and thus never travelled in a boat.
This piece by Rimsky-Korsakov was included in the Ballet Russes.Named after a character from 1001 Nights.
The first original ballet for the Ballet Russes composed by Stravinsky.Included a character called Kaschei the Deathless, not in most versions of the original story.
Ballet about a puppet come to life by Stravinsky, composed by Stravinsky.Stravinsky was sued for his use of a French folk tune that he heard from a barrel organ at a carnival.
Legendary dancer whose performance in Petrushka sealed his status.When asked how he jumped for so long he famously quipped that he, 'Just jump[ed] and stay[ed] there.'
Stravinsky consulted this painter and expert on ancient Slavic culture when creating the scenario for Rite of Spring. Also designed costumes.Actually something of a polymath, very interesting primitivist style. I especially like 'And We Are Trying' from the Sancta series.
This instrument plays the opening lines to The Rite of Spring.Curiously enough, originally called the 'faggoto,' sharing etymology with the word 'faggot'.
The original melody for the opening of The Rite of Spring is derived from this type of song.Derived from an anthology, some scholars have found even more melodies from this type of music in the score.
The number of folk tunes quoted in The Rite Of Spring.Many from the aforementioned type of music.
The opening texture of The Rite Of Spring.Later switches to homophony and then polyphony.
This is the scale used in the introduction of The Rite of Spring.Created by the great Russian composer and member of The Five, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
HintAnswerFun Fact
The kind of chord employed by Stravinsky in the beginning of 'The Omens Of Spring'.Consisting of two distinct harmonies played simultaneously. The lower instruments perform an F major triad (Fb-Ab-Cb, which sounds to our ears like an E major chord, E-G#-B). At the same time, the upper instruments collectively produce an E dominant seventh chord (Eb -G-Bb -Db)
Stravinsky employed this musical device to jolt the listener with their unexpected appearance.Causing the eighth notes to follow a pattern of 9+2+6+3+4+5+3.
Nijinsky's attempt to do this with the beat caused issues during rehearsals.Apparently neither he nor the other dancers could keep up with the music.
The climax of the ballet.In which The Chosen One is driven by the incessant music to dance herself to death.
The venue at which The Rite Of Spring debuted.Hosted the whole Ballets Russes for its first season.
The architecture of the aforementioned theater was often mocked due to this quality.A lot of the issue had to do with the Franco-Prussian war, in which a unified German state steamrolled the French and took from them Alsace-Lorraine.
Nijisky choreographed this work of Debussy's a year before the debut of The Rite Of Spring to popular dissent.Diaghilev intended the music to describe a homosexual encounter between three young men, and Nijinsky wanted to include an airplane crash.
This happened at the initial premiere of The Rite Of Spring.Crazy night, some sources say it was even impossible to hear the music.
The Rite Of Spring debuted at this English Theatre without incident.Incidentally, where the Muffin Man lives.
This conductor tried to organize a performance of Rite of Spring ad a concet work again in Paris less than a year after its debut.Stravinsky reported that, 'at the end of the Danse sacrale the entire audience jumped to its feet and cheered.... A crowd swept backstage. I was hoisted to anonymous shoulders and carried into the street and up to the Place de la Trinité.'
This American dance historian attempted to reconstruct Nijinsky original choreography for The Rite Of Spring.His choreography version has since been performed by the Kirov Ballet, at the Mariinsky Theatre in 2003 and later that year at Covent Garden.

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