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Matisse's original intended profession.First known to be practiced in Egypt.
The disease that caused Matisse to turn to art.Abraham Lincoln also had this disease.
The academy that Matisse attended in 1891, upon his return to Paris.Accepted women as students even when the École des Beaux-Arts would not.
Matisse's professor at the aforementioned academy.A traditionalist, famed for his modern interpretations of modern subjects. Look up 'The Remorse of Orestes' if interested.
The next school Matisse attended.Founded by Cardinal Mazarin, successor to Cardinal Richelieu of France. Louis XIV would pick the most talented student from this school to decorate Versailles every year.
Matisse's professor at the aforementioned school.Placed great emphasis on color and imaginative painting, appealed to the symbolists. Look up 'Apollo and the Nine Muses'.
Landscape painter who influenced Matisse (1)Actually known as the 'Master Of The Still Life.' I dig his 'Boy With A Top,' so you should check it out.
Landscape painter who influenced Matisse (2)Leader of the Barbizon school in France, which tended more toward realism in its depictions of everyday life. Check out 'The Bridge at Narni'.
Matisse traveled to this island off the coast of Britanny in 1897.Site of a naval battle between the British and French during the Seven Years War. It being a naval battle, it's pretty obvious who won.
Australian painter met at the aforementioned island who helped Matisse discover the important role of color in the work of Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh.Impressionist painter, stylistically very close to Monet. Has some very beautiful seascapes, like 'Pecheur sur falaise'. Check them out.
Married this woman in 1898Apparently told her that, he 'loved [her] dearly...; but [that he would] always love painting more.' Never marry an artist.
Traveled to this city immediately after being married.In 2012, this city became the first to host the modern Summer Olympic Games three times.
Impressionist painter who influenced MatisseOne of my favorite painters, also known as 'The Painter of Light' (screw Kincaid). Best known for 'Rain, Steam, and Speed,' though I'd recommend basically checking out everything he ever painted.
Travelled here upon his return to France after his trip to England. (1)The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, arguably more Italian than French.
Travelled here upon his return to France after his trip to England. (2)City in the South of France, fourth largest in the country.
Artist whose treatment of the human figure strongly influenced Matisse.Painted in 'blocks' of color. For paintings most indicative of his style, check out his landscapes at Mont-Saint Victoire.
Painter whose writings on color theory strongly influenced Matisse.Practitioner of the Pointilist style along with Seurat. His 'Portrait of Félix Fénéon' is particularly colorful.
Dealer who hosted Matisse's first solo exhibition.Generally regarded as one of the 'most important dealers in French contemporary art at the beginning of the twentieth century.' Provided exposure and emotional support for burgeoning young artists. Basically the Ezra Pound of painting.
Artistic school that Matisse founded.Means 'Wild Beasts' in French.
HintAnswerFun Facts
Famous member of the Fauves. (1)Co-founder of the movement, his 'Charing Cross Bridge' is very colorful.
Famous member of the Fauves. (2)Not known for much outside of his Fauvist work, but very colorful painter nonetheless. Painted 'Le Cavalier arabe' in 1914.
Famous member of the Fauves (3)Also co-founded the Cubist school of painting with Pablo Picasso.
The location of the first big Fauvist exhibition.Created as a reaction against the conservative policies of the official Paris Salon, this massive exhibition almost immediately became the showpiece of developments and innovations in 20th-century arts.
Matisse painting that drew on a long tradition of depicting the reclining nude female figure In the central background of the piece is a group of figures that is similar to the group depicted in his painting 'The Dance'. In the picture, there are several nude bodies of women and men.
Matisse visited this country in the years leading up to WWI. (1)Would cease to exist after 1922, being incorporated into the Soviet Union.
Matisse visited this country in the years leading up to WWI. (2)Western African country, setting of the film 'Casablanca'.
Matisse visited this country in the years leading up to WWI. (3)Ernest Hemingway would document this country's civil war in his book 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'.
Matisse developed an interest in this art style in the years leading up to WWI.Took from this style a greater sense of flatness of space and vivid, jewel-like colors.
The reason that Matisse was deemed unfit for military service in 1914.Matisse did volunteer for service in WWI, but was rejected for this reason.
Matisse relocated to this city in 1917.City in the South of France, fifth most populous in the country.
Matisse traveled to this island in the 1930s.Also frequented by one Paul Gauguin. In fact he left his family to live there. What a jerk.
Matisse traveled to this city in the 1930s.Jay-Z would write his famous homage to this city, 'Empire State Of Mind' in 2009. Nas's is better, though.
Matisse did illustrations for this famous modernist novel, written in stream-of-consciousness format.Ezra Pound frequently tried to 'edit' parts of the book which he found gross. Defecation, urination, etc. all feature prominently in the book.
Matisse painted a mural cycle for this educational art and horticultural institution.Collects art objects, total value estimated to be around $25 billion. Owns several works by Matisse.
Matisse discovered this artistic medium later in life, which made it possible to define form in an abstract manner through the use of both bold shapes and colors.'Le Gerbe' (The Cut Flowers) is one of his more famous works using this medium.
Later in life, Matisse dabbled in architecture, designing this Cathedral in Vence.Regarded by Matisse as his masterpiece, houses many of his original works.
This is how Matisse died.Matisse died in 1954.

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