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The area of Germany that Kirchner was born in.Capital of the region is Munich.
Kirchner moved to this city to study architecture.Famous for the concentrated bombing campaigns waged on it by allied forces, '____ night'.
Kirchner later studied in this city, where he first took formal classes in art.Would later become the base of 'White Rose,' a group of anti-nazi protesters.
The meaning of the term 'Die Brücke'.Borrowed from a piece by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Founding members of Die Brücke. (1)Designed the poster for the Founding members of Die Brücke exposition, for which he was later banned by the police.
Founding members of Die Brücke. (2)Used thick brushstrokes and expressive colors. Check out 'Bathers In The Reeds'.
Founding members of Die Brücke. (3)Unique use of color and also thick brushstrokes, but references more to classical form. Check out 'Woman With A Bag'.
Kirchner's first studio was in this type of person's shop.All of the members of Die Brücke gathered here, evidently all architecture students previously.
Artist who joined Die Brücke after its first exhibition in 1906.One of my favorite artists, painted using expansive fields of color. Check out his 'Lake Luceren' from 1930.
By 1911, Die Brücke had relocated to this city.Incidentally, the last name of the composer of the song 'Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning'.
In 1913, Kirchner published this text regarding Die Brücke.Evidently proposed that he was the only one responsible for the group's innovations. Ostracized him from the rest of the group, unsurprisingly.
HintAnswerExtra Info
Kirchner served in this branch of the German military during WWI.Suffered a mental breakdown, was discharged from service and recovered at a sanatorium in Switzerland.
Kirchner settled in this Swiss city after the war.The setting of Thomas Mann's most famous book, 'The Magic Mountain'.
Kirchner's 'lifelong partner'.Never ended up putting a ring on it, sadly.
In 1931, Kirchner was made a member of this German educational institution.Located in Berlin.
Kirchner's art was shown in this Nazi exhibition, to his dismay.Over 600 of his works were featured.
This is how Kirchner died.A sad end...
The number of men that appear in Kirchner's 'Street, Berlin'.All in identical dark overcoats and hats. (Type out the number, ex. ten, not 10)
The color of the dress of the woman in the left of Kirchner's 'Street, Berlin'.Has a white fur collar.
The colors of the coat of the woman in the right of Kirchner's 'Street, Berlin'.Two possible answers.
The work of Nietzsche's that influenced Die Brücke.Famous for the shocking phrase, 'God Is Dead'.

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