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Notes that are ambiguously part of either the major or minor chord.Evidently a lingering reflection of the African approach to scale tones.
One of the types of early approaches to jazz. (1)Originated in 'Storyville,' a famous red-light district.
One of the types of early approaches to jazz. (2)Groups of white musicians... Ruin everything.
One of the types of early approaches to jazz. (3)Famous rappers from this city include Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.
City alderman who drafted legislation that limited legislation to one particular type of town.The area was some eight blocks wide and eleven blocks long.
Types of musical performers common in Storyville venues. (1)Common instrumentation in the modern bar/pub as well.
Types of musical performers common in Storyville venues. (2)Strange word choice in the resource, like a jazz band.
The first known jazz recording.Originated with Dixieland Jazz sadly. Unless of course you happen to be partial to groups of white musicians.
U.S. secretary of war who demanded the closing of Storyville.Did this because he wanted no prostitution to occur within 5 miles of an army training camp.
Predominant texture in jazz (Chicago and New Orleans).e.g. Polyphony, Monophony, Heterophony, etc.
The instrument that Joe 'King' Oliver played.'King' was a common nickname given to the players of this instrument.
The nicknames given to Louis Armstrong. (1)Evidently because he had a mouth 'as big as a dipper'.
The nicknames given to Louis Armstrong. (2)Short for 'satchel mouth'.
The clarinetist for Joe King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.Older brother of the drummer.
The trombonist for Joe King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.Name can be spelled with or without an 'e'.
The drummer for Joe King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.The younger brother of the clarinetist.
The banjo player for Joe King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.Founder and manager of the first jazz band to leave New Orleans and tour widely in the 1910s.
The pianist player for Joe King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.The 'Jazz Wonder Child,' evidently something if a prodigy.
Darius Milhaud was a member of this group of French composers.Sought to create 'French' music as opposed to 'Germanic' music.
Milhaud incorporated Jazz and Swing rhythms into this piece.A ballet in six continuous dance scenes.
Composer of 'Rhapsody in Blue'.This work 'legitimized' jazz to many Western listeners. Unfortunate, that it takes a white person to 'legitimize' jazz to a western audience.
This 1905 Viennese opera was used extensively in broad merchandising campaigns.Apparently the waltz from this work 'could be heard in every ballroom'.
The composer of the works 'Babes in Toyland' and 'Naughty Marietta'.Or 'pervert' as I like to call him... Those titles, tho.
English composer who experimented with the musical comedy in the last years of the nineteenth century.Big-time theater manager by the age of 20. Composer of 'A Gaiety Girl'.
The third musical comedy by American composer George Cohan.Featured quotations from a number of patriotic works, such as 'Yankee Doodle,' 'Dixie,' and 'The Star Spangled Banner'.
The main theater district of New York.Gimme question.
The main theater district of London.Also a gimme question.
Primary composer of 'In Dahomey'.African-American composer, student of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.
Poet and author of the script of 'In Dahomey'.African-American poet, known for use of dialect.
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Vaudeville stars that In Dahomey intended to showcase. (1)Described by a friend as 'the funniest man [he] ever saw, and the saddest man [he] ever knew.'
Vaudeville stars that In Dahomey intended to showcase. (2)Partner of the above.
Lead actress in 'In Dahomey'.Plays the character 'Rosetta Lightfoot'.
The number of follies in Ziegfield's Follies.Created by impressario Florenz Ziegfield.
First 'hit' song from an American Revue, from Ziegfield's Follies.Performed by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.
Song from 'The Passing Show' composed for when General Pershing was leading American troops overseas.Overnight success, includes the exclamation 'Lafayette, we are here!'
Composer of 'The Man Who Put The Germ in Germany'.Became awkward after the Spanish Flue hit a few years after WWI.
Nickname of the street that dominated American popular music from the 1880s to the 1950s.Named after a journalist visited the office of Harry Von Tilzer, apparently the racket was so deafening that it sounded like tin pans being clanged together.
Number of songs cataloged with the Catalogue of Copyright Entries' from August 1914-1918.35,600 of these were devoted to patriotism, 7,300 to war.
Number of piano factories in New York in 1900.A lot of pianos.
People hired to demonstrate new music to publishers.Would apparently 'pound the piano' at these offices.
Composer who sued after hearing his song 'Sweethearts' played in a restaurant.The pervert strikes back.
Lyricist to the song 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'.Husband of singer Nora Bayes.
The song 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' initially saw popularity in this venue.'Put another ___ in the ____.'
Number of extant arrangements of 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'. Also heard in roughly 1,200 movies/TV shows.
First filmmaker to employ an orchestral soundtrack for his work.Unfortunately difficult name.
Employed a pianist to play alongside their 'Cinématographe'.Originally used to mask the noise from the projector.
First filmmaker to include an original score in their work.In 'Kingdom of the Fairies'.
Composer for the soundtrack of 'The Assassination of the Duke of Guise'.First original ORCHESTRAL score ever produced.
Composer for the film 'The Fall of a Nation'.Can't escape this guy...
Director of the film 'The Birth of a Nation'.Featured a KKK member as the protagonist so that's fun.
Composer for the film 'The Birth of a Nation'.Featured some original works, some extant works including 'Ride of the Valkyries'.
Ravel was rejected as a pilot for this reason.He loved war, folks. LOVED it. Until his mommy died.
English composer and member of the English Folk society who collected folksongs for the military.Received the military cross for his valiant leadership. Name eventually used for syrup.
The Director of Music for the First Army of the British Expeditionary Force.Oversaw amateur music-making among the troops.
First woman winner of the Prix de Rome.Eventually founded the Franco-American Committee of the National Conservatory in France.
Composer of the expressionist opera, 'Wozzeck'.Member of the Second Viennese School.
Composer of 'How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning'.Became extremely popular with soldiers, expresses a really universal sentiment.
Revue composed by the aforementioned composer in order to raise money for a new community house.Sadly, the house was never built.

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