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QUIZ: Can you name the Diversity In The Pattern Of Inheritance

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A circumstance under which difference between dominant/recessive is not either/or but rather shades of gray. e.g. familial hypercholestorolemia
Ratio of people carry a defective allele that places them at risk for high cholestorol.Ideally with a colon (ex. 1:4)
Cholesterol is the immediate raw material used in the synthesis of this material.Generally given negative connotations due to the use of synthetic versions within the body.
The type of material that cholesterol is. Same material used in the cell membrane.
The organ used to package cholesterol molecules. Tastes good with fava beans.
The protein-cholesterol complex produced to transport cholesterol.An acronym will suffice.
The 'mail box' that receives the above proteins.Pretty intuitive name, the above complex binds to these proteins in specific regions called Coated Pits.
Excess of LDL in the arteries can lead to this type of disease.The LDL-cholesterol complex stays in the blood and tends to clog up the arteries
Scientific name for the first step of LDL reception.To the LDL receptor.

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