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QUIZ: Can you name the Medieval Siege Tools and Tactics?

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Incendiary weapon developed during the Roman Empire
Castle inhabitants could leave unharmed
Bunch of wood rods put together in an orderly fashion
Most commonly known medieval launching mechanism
Protects from castle archers
Can't go over,can't go under, let's try under
Kettle of tar and pitch poured over attackers
Continuous launching of projectiles over or at the castle walls
Early contraption that used gunpowder and a big barrel
Another version of the one above this slot
Amount of ____ for defenders to truce or surrender
Burning wheel rolling down the street
Extra troops hired for money
Water surrounding walls/castle
Cut off supplies and deplete castle resources
Relative to the catapult; this version uses traction
Giant crossbow thing
What spies do for attacking bucketheads
Heavy objects you throw at offending people
Allows defender to shot at attackers safely from wall
Elongated hole or pit for people to fall into
Big wood tower for getting over walls
Usually the most heavily guarded part of the castle
Things that are launched to burn you
Breaks big objects
What was used to launch over walls and spread disease

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