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Who was Jesus closest disciple and best friend?
Which disciple ended up killing himself?
Who was sold into slavery by his brothers?
Who had a coat of many colors?
Which disciple walked on water for a short time?
How many disciples did Jesus choose?
Who killed Abel?
Who is the first couple in the Bible?
How many commandments were written on stone tablets?
Was Abraham wealthy or poor?
Which disciple betrayed Jesus?
Which Apostle persecuted believers before becoming one?
What human author wrote most of the Psalms?
Who is the strongest man to have lived?
What was the name of Jesus' earthly father?
What was the name of Adam and Eve's third son?
Who got swallowed by a great fish?
Is 'The Lord helps those who help themselves' in the Bible?
What job did Jesus hold before starting his ministry?
Who had everything taken from him but remained true to God?
David defeated a giant named?
What did Noah build?
Did Jesus have any siblings?
What was the name of Jesus' earthly mother?
Which disciple denied Jesus?

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