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What is the three-letter acronym for the person who said PoS 'accomplishes nothing'?
Pick an amount of money: a) $1.99 b) $2.99 c) $3.99 d) $20
Of which founding admin is Anne Curtis particularly fond?
What is PoS's alliterative name for 'hump day'?
Mike Skupin tells you to do this.
Which Ometepe female does PoS revere and frequently choose as the answer to polls?
About whose accomplishments do you know jack?
Former PoSer Ryan L. regularly compared himself to which mythical bird?
Which former PoSer has been banned and unbanned multiple times for spoilers and likes all the pretty ladies about Kacie McCarthy kissy kissy?
To which regime is the administration frequently compared? ('X Admins')
Which PoSer called Alicia Rosa a '**** delusional bitch', prompting a comment from Alicia?
Which former PoSer might tell you you 'watched the season wrong' if you don't think Marcus was rigged out of the game?
Mario Lanza got a lot of Likes for a meme featuring which movie character?
Netflix Premium ____
David ______ is associated with hats.
What is the name of Neal Tracy's girlfriend?
About whose race is that girlfriend curious?
Vote your ____!
Which part of the Survivor staff is going on strike?
Which contestant used to be an admin and loves boobs and science?
Which contestant got kicked out of the group for swearing at its entire membership?
Which nationality always shows up late to threads?
Type the word 'pubes.'
To which two-time winner should you defer before forming your opinions?
___ Mottet created a Survivor challenge with the help of the Make-A-Wish foundation.
John Rocker says, 'Speak _____'
What should you study before massacring an innocent child?
PoS's favorite plant is the tree of which fruit?
::hearty _____ ensues::
This Sporcle quiz's creation would never have happened in _______.

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