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Beast DescriptionBeast
Mother of All Monsters who has a beatiful face and torso and a serpent end
Vile sea snake that releases a poisonous gaseous venom; is the cause of death for Thor during Ragnarok; becomes so big, it is able to wrap around the Earth
Six headed beast with snarling teeth that ate sailors
Man-eating avians
Egyptian Devourer of the Dead; Part lion-hippopotamus-crocodile, would eat unworthy hearts and prevent them from enetering the Underworld
Eight legged horse rode by Odin
Son of Dwarf King Hreidmar; turned into dragon when he got too greedy
Ugly bird women hybrids who constantly steal food from Phineas
Lioness with a snake tail and an extra goat head
From Ethiopia, a guardian to the city of Thebes, who is part-lion part-human
Large wolf that slew Odin
Beast DescriptionBeast
former Naiad who generates fierce whirlpools that destroy ships that may be on an Odyssey
Guardian to the Underworld
their sight turns beings into stone; hair composed of snakes; only Euryale and Stheno were immortal, the other was slain by Perseus
Medusa and Poseidon's winged offspring
Japanese demons with sharp claws/teeth, and large strength, and trollish appearance
Japanese frog/tortoise-like people who are water sprites that are notorious for eating children and causing mischief
Half-Lion and Half-Eagle hybrid
Firebird that can ressurect itself from the dead
Nine headed water monster with poison breath
Big cat killed by Hercules in one of his Labors
Heavenly Japanese human/bird hybrids that are protective and dangerous sometimes war harbinger demons

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