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DescriptionPower Movement
Stemmed from the Suffrage Movement and Seneca Falls Convention.
Focused on expanded Civil Rights and the revitalization of traditional African Culture.
Included prominent activist Cesar Chavez.
Primarily goal was the expansion of rights and protection for the LGBT community.
Ignited by Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring.'
Led to the first 'Earth Day' in April of 1970.
Originated from a 1966 speech by Stokely Carmichael.
Brenda Howard was known as the 'Mother of Pride' for her organization of the first march on behalf of this movement.
Widely supported by migrant farm workers.
Criticized by Bayard Rustin for supposedly undermining the Civil Rights Movement.
'NOW' was an organization that formed as a part of this movement in 1966.
A more extreme branch of this movement formed as the 'Brown Berets' in the southwestern US.
The proposed 'Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)' was a result of this movement.
DescriptionPower Movement
The organization 'Greenpeace' formed in 1971 to provide political and legal advocacy for this movement.
A prominent figure in this movement was Malcolm X.
Movement increased and began to gain traction after the Stonewall Riots in 1969.
The ICW was given consultative status in numerous countries as a result of this movement.
Paul R. Ehrlich's 1968 book 'Population Bomb' increased this movement's concerns to include overpopulation and the dangers of exponential growth.
Caused the APA to remove (this movement's defining trait) from being categorized as a mental illness.
'MAPA' became a political voice for the people of this movement in Southern California.
The EPA formed as a result of this movement.
Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide, was a major accomplishment for this movement.
This movement grew out of the SNCC.
The GLF and the GAA were formed as a part of this movement.
Due to disproportional draft and casualty rates in Vietnam, activists formed a moratorium on the war as a part of this movement.

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